Mini Loan Program
Forms and Files

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SVdP forms and files Public directory for forms and files
Reports / Maps
District MLP Representatives
Conference MLP Coordinators
Inwood bank locations
Legacy bank locations
Pegasus bank locations
Veritex bank locations
MLP database   (restricted access)
MLP database tutorial   (PDF format)
Upload files to MLP record   (restricted access)
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Forms - (Reminder: loan form needs applicant signature and initials.)
Inwood bank loan form     Form in Spanish
Legacy bank loan form
Pegasus bank loan form
Veritex bank loan form
Online screening form - MLP     Denied Loan form
Paper version of screening form     Form in Spanish
Monthly budget MLP spreadsheet     Form in Spanish
MLP survey     Survey in Spanish     When loan is paid off.
MLP savings     MLP savings in Spanish     Savings encouragement letter (template)
Repayment agreement     Letter in Spanish     To be signed only after 2 or more payments missed.
Promise letter    Letter in Spanish     Promise letter
Authorization form     Form in Spanish     Authorization form for monitoring savings and fico
Follow up with MLP participants
Follow up document instruction
Emergency Loan guidelines
MLP roadmap
MLP presentation
MLP Step by Step for loan coordinator, district rep, and conference president
    district rep
    conference president
MLP Step by Step one page version
MLP guidelines
ID Verification requirements
Delinquency repayment guidelines
MLP process flow diagram
MLP summary
MLP Documents Checklist
Brochures / Flyers
MLP Handout - pdf     MLP Handout - docx
MLP trifold in English and Spanish - pdf     MLP trifold in English and Spanish - docx
MLP trifold brochure
Bulletin BW - pdf     Bulletin BW - docx
Bulletin Color - pdf     Bulletin Color - docx
Warning brochure - pdf
Poster_English - pdf     Poster_English - docx     Poster_Spanish - pdf     Poster_Spanish - docx    
What to do if there are 2 or more delinquent payments
Coaching Videos and Worksheets
To see the coaching videos, open the database and view the file attached to record 2.
Facilitator guide for video 1 - docx
Money Motivation Survey - pdf
Checking 101 - pdf
Non-Essential Spending Worksheet - docx
What I spend - pdf
What I Spend Worksheet - pdf
Track Expenses Daily - pdf
Track Expenses Weekly - docx
Coaching Handbook by Catholic Charities for SVdP
Financial Survival in Difficult Times
Annual Budget Spreadsheet
SVdP OneUp video (45 seconds)

The Monthly Budget form is for anyone who could benefit from looking at their monthly income and expenses.
It is in .xls format in case you want to modify it for your use.