Refugee Outreach Program
Notification and Release

Thank you for completing this form regarding your child’s volunteer service with the St. Patrick Refugee Outreach Program.

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I understand that the Refugee Outreach’s customary method of communication with its volunteers, both teen and adult, is via email.
I understand that I may have access to any such communications sent to my child at any time.
I also understand that if my child is a volunteer who is not yet in Grade 9, that I will receive all email communications sent to them.

I understand that from time to time photos may be taken of my child as he/she participates as a volunteer in the Refugee Outreach program.
I hereby give my permission for such images to be used by the Outreach program to illustrate and promote their ministry, with the understanding that any information which might identify them (such as name, age, address, phone, etc.) shall not be included with any posted or printed image.

By checking this box, I acknowledge my understanding and agreement with all of the notification and photo release statements above and further state that the Outreach Program may consider this as my verifiable consent for my child’s photo to be used as so described.

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