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Updated as of    12/8/18

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St. Thomas Aquinas


SVDP Dallas Council

parish web site


SVDP Dallas Council web site

SVDP Frederic's E-Gazette

web address of E-Gazette

Dallas Conference Map

Dallas Conference map

MLP web page

Mini Loan Program web page

NTFB - Civil Rights Video

North Dallas Food Bank  “Civil Rights Video"


SVDP database - member

SVDP database for members

SVDP database - owner

SVDP database for owners

File Upload

Transfer file from PC to Web site

Database Tutorial-User


Database Tutorial - Hotline

Tutorial for User


Tutorial for Hotline


Weekly Meeting

Agenda, report, client review in PDF format


Resources - 75204 / 75206

Resources for 75204 / 75206 Area Code

Resources - 75214

Resources for 75214 Area Code

Resources - 75218

Resources for 75218 Area Code

Resources - 75231

Resources for 75231 Area Code

Resources - 75243

Resources for 75243 Area Code

Local Food Pantries

Summary of local Food Pantries

Medical Resources

Summary of Medical Resources

Legal Resources

Summary of Legal Resources (updated 10/18)

211 Texas

211 Texas

North Dallas Shared Ministries

Dallas Area Emergency Assistance

Homeless Resources

Homeless Quick Referral

Healing Hands Ministries

Healing Hands Ministries

Transitional Housing & Women Shelters

Transitional Housing & Women Shelters

Energy Assistance

Comprehensive Energy Assistance Program

Resources for Veterans

Resources for Veterans

Resources for Veterans Seeking Help

Extensive 21-page document summarizing many resources available to Veterans


Under1roof - Overview and Contact info

DCHHS - Overview and contact info

Dallas County Health and Human Services  Overview and contact info

Unlocking doors

Unlocking doors for ex-offenders



Real Job Openings

Real Job Openings


Texas Workforce Commission

Attitudes And Attire

Attitudes and Attire Referral Form

Job Seeking Resources

Summary of Job Seeking Resources


Senior Community Service Employment Program overview and eligibility requirements

   Mini Loan Program


MLP Brochure

Mini Loan Program Brochure (revised 12/2017)

MLP Guidelines

Mini Loan Program Guidelines (revised 8/18/2017)

MLP Step by Step

Mini Loan Step by Step Instructions (revised 2/20/2018)

MLP Emergency Loan

Guidelines for Emergency Loan (updated 10/18/2018)



SVDP Pharmacy flyer

SVDP Pharmacy - General Public bilingual flyer

Pharmacy Home Visit Guidelines

Pharmacy -  Home Visit Guidelines

Pharmacy Intake Form

Pharmacy Intake Form - Updated 7.24.18

Pharmacy FAQs

Pharmacy General FAQs


Template for Hotline Calls

Template for Hotline calls

STA Food Pantry Intake Form

Food Pantry Intake Form

NTFB Intake Form

NTFB Intake Form

NTFB Intake Form (Spanish)

NTFB Intake Form (Spanish)

STA Twin Request Form

Twin Request Form

SVDP-CC Young Application Form

CC Young Application Form

IRS Tex Exempt Letter

IRS Tax Exempt Letter

Typical  pledge letter

Typical  pledge letter

Reliant Energy Pledge Form

Reliant Pledge Form

     Home Visit

Client process

Client process document

Lead Advocate Responsibilities

Lead Advocate Responsibilities

Home Visit Guidelines

Guidelines for a home visit

Home Visit Prayers

Home Visit Prayers


SVdP prayer card

SVDP prayer card in DOC format

Vincentian Readings

Vincentian Readings

     Thrift Store


SVDP Thrift Store

SVDP Thrift Store

Voucher Guidelines

Voucher Guidelines

Volunteer Information

Thrift Store Volunteer Information