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Database Tutorial

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Texas Rental Assistance Application

Texas Rent Relief Program Assistance

Texas Rent Relief Update

Texas Rent Relief Program Update 4/2/2021

TX Eviction Assistance

Texas Eviction Help

Diversion Plan Requirements

Texas Eviction Diversion Plan

Diversion Plan Brochure-English/Spanish

Texas Eviction Diversion Plan Brochure

IRS Link

IRS Advance Child Tax Credit

Covid Mortgage and Housing Assistance Resources

HUD Mortgage and Housing Assistance Website

Applying for Unemployment

TWC Disaster Unemployment Assistance

Directory of Offices

Texas Workforce Solutions Offices

Work In Texas

Jobs in Texas

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Applying for SNAP and TANF

Catholic Charities Resource Sheet

Catholic Charities Resources

Catholic Charities Assistance Application

Catholic Charities Winter Storm Assistance

FEMA Disaster Assistance Website

FEMA Winter Storm Disaster Assistance

Salvation Army Garland

Salvation Army Assistance Information Sheet

Reliant Payment Assistance

Reliant Energy Payment Assistance

Atmos Payment Assistance

Atmos Energy Payment Assistance

SVDP Pharmacy Information

SVDP Free Pharmacy General Information

SVDP Pharmacy Intake Form

SVDP Free Pharmacy Intake Form

MLP Procedures

SVDP Mini Loan Program conference procedures

Helping Hands Application Documents

Helping Hands application documents

HH Food Delivery Procedures

Helping Hands food delivery

Veterans Center of North Texas

Veterans Assistance

Social Security Fact Sheet

Social Security information sheet (SSDI/SSI)

Allsup Information

Allsup Social Security Advocate Information

Legal Assistance

Legal Assistance



Member Resource Sheet

Member Resource Sheet

Client referral sheet

Client referral sheet

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Bi-lingual Client Release form

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English Client Release form

Client Interview Form

Client Interview form

Meeting Prayers

Opening and closing prayers for meeting

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General Pledge Form

Cirro Pledges

Cirro Energy Pledge Information

Green Mountain Pledges

Green Mountain Energy Pledge Information

TXU Pledges

TXU Energy Pledge Form

Tax Exempt Certificate

Tax Exempt Certificate

509a Tax Status

IRS 509a Tax Status

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Policy and Procedures

Client Assistance Policy and Procedures

Home Visit Guidelines

Guidelines for a Home Visit

Home Visit Checklist

Home Visit Checklist

Home Visit Prayers

Home Visit Prayers

Home Visit Tips and Best Practices

Home Visit Tips and Best Practices

Home Visit Video

Home Visit Training Video



SVDP Conferences by zip code

SVDP Conferences by zip code

SVDP Bylaws

SVDP Bylaws

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SVDP Dallas

SVDP Dallas website


SVDP USA website

Dallas Conference Map

Dallas Conference map

MLP web page

Mini Loan Program web page

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