St. Vincent de Paul
Laptop Inventory

These laptops are available to anyone who belongs to an SVdP conference in the Dallas Council.
They are basically being sold at cost; first come, first serve.

NameMaker /ModelCostOp. SysDisplayProcessorMemoryStorageWeb CamMisc
L200Dell E6500$75.00Xubuntu15" 1440x900C2D 2.4 GHz4 GB250 GB Hard DriveYes
L201 - soldDell E6500$93.00Lubuntu15" 1920x1200C2D 2.8 GHz4 GB120 GB SSDYesbacklit keyboard
L202 - soldHP 8440p$93.00Win 1014" 1600x900i5 2.67 GHz4 GB120 GB SSDNohas keyboard LED light, new battery
L203 - soldHP 6455b$84.00Win 1014" 1366x768AMD 2.8 GHz8 GB120 GB SSDNonew battery, missing 1 key cap
L204 - soldToshiba L505D$71.00Win 1016" 1366x768AMD 2.2 GHz2 GB250 GB HDNobeautiful display, battery time less than 1 hour
L205 - soldLenovo T500$56.66Lubuntu15.6" 1280x800C2D 2.4 GHz4 GB120 GB SSDNo
L206 - soldLenovo Thinkpad X131e$59.75Chrome OS11.6" 1366x768AMD 1.7 GHz4 GB16 GB SSDYes
L207ASUS Eee PC$35.00Lubuntu11.6" 1366x768Intel Atom 1.332 GB160 hard driveYesA little slow, but small, light, nice display
L208 - soldDell 5500$62.00Xubuntu 20.0415.6" 1280x800C2D 2.0 GHz3 GB120 GB SSDNovery clean, new battery
L209 - goneDell 5500$62.00Win 715.6" 1280x800C2D 2.0 GHz3 GB120 GB SSDNonew battery
L210 - soldDell 5500$50.00Lubuntu15.6" 1280x800C2D 2.0 GHz3 GB120 GB SSDNo
L211 - soldDell 5500$50.00Lubuntu or Win 715.6" 1280x800C2D 2.0 GHz3 GB120 GB SSDNo
L212 - evalDell 5500$50.00Lubuntu or Win 715.6" 1280x800C2D 2.0 GHz4 GB120 GB SSDNo
L213 - evalDell 1440$53.00Lubuntu or Win 714.0" 1366x768C2D 2.2 GHz3 GB160 GB HDDYespink case, weak battery
L214 - soldLenovo X131e$70.00Xubuntu11.6"AMD E2-18004 GB120 GB SSDYesGood battery (~5 hours)
L215 - soldHP Elitebook 840$200.00Win 1014.0"i58 GB256 GB SSDYestouchscreen
L216 - soldLenovo Thinkpad X131e$70.00Xubuntu11.6" 1366x768AMD4 GB120GB SSDYes

Lubuntu 16 LTS is a version of Ubuntu that is free and easy to use.
Xubuntu 20.04 LTS (Long Term Support) is supported for at least 5 years.
Unless you need to run software that only works with Windows (like TurboTax), Lubuntu or Xubuntu are good options.
Xubuntu provides better control of the desktop, so I am migrating to Xubuntu.
Office software like Writer and Calc (spreadsheet) comprehend Microsoft formats.
Available browsers include FireFox, Chrome, and others.
Most of the batteries are old, but new batteries can be purchased on Ebay for about $12 to $15. This may
give another hour or two if the laptop is used as a mobile device.
If you think a Chromebook would work, Xubuntu could be considered a Chromebook on steroids.

Terms and conditions:
1. The official warranty is 5 or 5 - 5 feet or 5 minutes, whichever occurs first.
The unofficial warranty is that I will try to fix a broken one if I can.

2. The only option is local pickup - roughly Spring Creek and Coit in Plano.
Payment is expected at the time of pickup.

3. There is no ongoing support for any of the laptops.
Please do not give contact information to a client, neighbor or friend.

Send email with questions or which laptop you would like.
Optional - introduce yourself and explain the need.
Contact email is

Additional Information:
The laptops cost $35 - $110 and consist mostly of refurbished laptops from Dell, HP, or Lenovo
purchased via auction on Ebay and most come from Goodwill in San Francisco.
Except for the ChromeBook, They have a new 120 GB SSD drive which has a 3 year warranty from Microcenter. The adapter (A/C charger) is also new.
They run either Windows 10 or Lubuntu 16.4 LTS (Long Term Support).
The laptop is loaded with one or more browsers, MS Office 2007 or LibreOffice (current version), Thunderbird email,
and other useful software. LibreOffice can open and save MicroSoft formated files.

In general they have fast processors, but are somewhat heavy and the battery does
not last very long (1-2 hours). They are generally used as "desktops" in a laptop format.

Success Stories:
For one person having a laptop meant having a job.

A $75 laptop resulted in a $250 donation to the Conference.

Since 2015, about 100 laptops have been provided with 3-4 failures which were fixed.

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