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UnitedWay / H&R Block http://www.unitedway.org/myfreetaxes/resources/hr-block
This allows the filer to use the H&R Block on line resources to do their own e-filing at NO COST.
It does require the filer to create an account and enter the appropriate information that would be
required if working with an H&R Tax Preparer at the Local Walmart. Without having actually done
this I expect it is a Q&A format that would walk the filer through the process but it is the filers
responsibility to get it right. One issue with this approach is that the filing is for
basic 1040EZ/1040A and probably will NOT handle Earned Income and Child Tax Credits which would
generally apply to clients with younger (under 18) children and represent a large portion of the return dollars.

IRS Site with links https://www.irs.gov/individuals/free-tax-return-preparation-for-you-by-volunteers
This site has two links found at the bottom of the page. The VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance) and
AARP Tax-Aide Site Locator allows input of zip code which then brings up services where the tax payer
can go (possibly needing an appointment) to have someone help/do their tax filing. The VITA site brings
up the Assistance Center of Collin County showing the schedule, and the AARP site brings up just about
every library in Plano. It suggests the client be over 50 but I do not believe this is a hard and fast rule.
It also states an appointment is required and provides phone numbers to do so.

On a final note the IRS has clearly stated that any taxpayer filing for Child Tax Credits will NOT be
getting any return payments before February 15th as they have tweaked their review process to reduce
the fraud problems with these returns. Hank Mappes


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Important dates:

The following is the tentative schedule for Ozanam Orientations for the fiscal year ending 09/30/2015.

There is now a video of a home visit, but please read the
following before or after viewing the video.

1. Always introduce yourselves as Society of St. Vincent de Paul. Or
if you want to protect the person's privacy if a neighbor may overhear the
introduction, you might say "we made an appointment with you to come visit
today." etc.

2. NEVER provide our LAST name, we only use our FIRST names. If
using name badges, only use FIRST name and perhaps the first initial of
your last name.

3. Never take liberties in someone else's home. We are VISITORS in
the person's home. Upon entering the home, if there are distractions
which may affect the visit, ask if there is a quieter place to talk. If
TV/stereo is loud, always ask the person if volume could be turned down or
if distraction could be turned off.

4. Always ask if there is another place to talk if there are children
present and the person appears inhibited about talking about the family's
struggles in front of the children.

5. Always visit in pairs. The home visit team must consist of at
least one male if visiting a male and at last one female if visiting a

Home Visit Video