Theology and Sanity
By Frank Sheed

Many thanks to Richard Zener for providing these notes.

Chapter 1 Religion & The Mind
Chapter 2 Examination of Intellect
Chapter 3 He Who Is
Chapter 4 The Mind Works on Infinity
Chapter 5 God Tells Man
Chapter 6 Three Persons in One Nature
Chapter 7 Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
Chapter 8 Some Further Precisions
Chapter 9 Concluding This Part
Chapter 10 God as Creator
Chapter 11 The Created Universe
Chapter 12 Angels, Matter, Men
Chapter 13 The Testing of Angels and Men
Chapter 14 The Fall of Man
Chapter 15 Between the Fall and the Redemption
Chapter 16 The Mission of Christ
Chapter 17 The Redeemer
Chapter 18 The Redeemering Sacrifice
Chapter 19 Redemption
Chapter 20 The Kingdom
other chapters are in work

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